R. de Vlaming April 30, 2018

Welcome to the homepage of Ronald de Vlaming, postdoc at the Depart of Economics, School of Business and Economics, Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam, affiliated with the Erasmus University Rotterdam Institute for Behavior and Biology (EURIBEB), member of the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium (SSGAC).

Signatures of negative selection

R. de Vlaming April 30, 2018

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has posted a short news item (in Dutch) on its website about the recent publication in Nature Genetics on signatures of negative selection in the genetic architecture of human complex traits. An open-access version of the manuscript can be found here.

MetaGAP calculator

R. de Vlaming September 27, 2016

The MetaGAP calculator described in De Vlaming et al. (2016) can be accessed here or using the menu. Edit [4/30/18]: the manuscript on the MetaGAP calculator has now also been published in PLOS Genetics.